A modernization program at Conakry Terminal increases productivity

Bolloré Africa Logistics Media Press Releases A modernization program at Conakry Terminal increases productivity

A modernization program at Conakry Terminal increases productivity

Guinea. 14 September 2013

Conakry Terminal hosted Bolloré Africa Logistics' Managing Director for a visit to assess the state of progress to date on the container terminal extension project.

Conakry Terminal Modernization

A ship being unloaded at the container terminal at Conakry in Guinea

Additional earthen platforms, coupled with modernization of the existing terminal underway since 2011, have enabled Conakry Terminal teams to considerably shorten harbor wait times while significantly raising productivity at the container terminal in 2013. The first phase of works, conducted in partnership with the firm Vinci, consisted of building a 5-ha embankment in the water along with a 2.7-ha earthen platform. Despite a challenging rainy season, the second phase of works, carried out jointly with crews from China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC), is still on schedule.

The objectives of this works program are to extend the deep-water dock out to a total length of more than 600 m, including 338 m at an elevation of -13 m below sea level, and double the surface area of earthen platforms thanks to construction of a 12-ha embankment that adds coastline. These improvements will allow the Guinean container terminal to accommodate large cargo ships and expand docking capacity through operating two berths, with extra storage capacity raising the facility total from 8,000 to 15,000 TEUs. The total price tag for these works stands at more than €100 million.

As for the rail sector, the Bolloré Group has expressed its desire to accompany Guinea in restoring rail service by building the Conakry-Kagbelen line.
This railway is expected to play a key role in relieving Conakry's congestion, as well as in creating a supply line into the new Kagbelen business zone and transferring onto a rail mode the majority of traffic, which currently uses the road network.
Against this backdrop, the Bolloré Group plans on investing in logistics activities for oil and petroleum products with the aim of improving safety for both goods and people.

We're pursuing our capital investment program in Guinea, along with modernizing the container terminal, which is on track to meet goals related to productivity and competitiveness. After this initial large-scale port investment, Bolloré Africa Logistics' commitment to developing rail logistics and increasing storage and transport resources for oil products demonstrates the Group's strong desire to become a partner of reference for Guinea, in its effort to accompany the country along the path towards growth.

Philippe Labonne, Bolloré Africa Logistics' Managing Director

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