Bolloré Africa Logistics in Cameroon

  • Subsidiaries in Limbé, Douala, Kribi, Yaoundé, Ngaoundéré, Bélabo and Garoua
  • Over 300,000 m² of warehouses and storage areas
  • Own truck fleet

Operator of port concessions (Douala International Terminal) and rail concessions (Camrail), Bolloré Africa Logistics Cameroon is the specialist in logistics and major industrial projects in all the most important economic sectors in the region.

We guarantee to deliver your goods of all kinds, heavy and over-gauge parcels, throughout the Cameroon territory and to enclosed hinterland countries (Chad and Central African Republic). With ISO 9001-2008 certification, Bolloré Africa Logistics Cameroon works with you to build tailored multimodal logistics solutions. Established throughout Cameroon we have teams of professionals, thorough knowledge of the region, and the capacity to address all your demands.

Our services

Operator of container terminals (Douala Terminal) and dry ports

  • All container types
  • Dedicated area for refrigerated containers (reefers)
  • Port handling

Sea and land forwarding

  • Offices in Limbé, Douala, Kribi, Yaoundé, Ngaoundéré, Bélabo and Garoua
  • Approved customs agents for import/export procedures
    - Customs clearance (clearance for home use)
    - Bonded warehousing
    - Tax-free forwarding into the hinterland
    - Break bulk facilities
  • Offices approved for collateral management
  • Commissioning in terrestrial, sea and rail transport, rail freight consolidation (X-Press Rail)
  • Express mail and parcels (SAGA Express & SDV Express Services, Licence Chronopost)
  • Shipping agency in Douala

Air transit

  • Regular air freight services and chartering
  • Approved customs agencies at the airports in Douala and Yaoundé
  • Handling and storage

Rail operator in Cameroon: Camrail

  • Camrail, concession since 1999: 976 km rail network,
  • Douala-Ngaoundéré 884 km / Douala-Kumba 92 km
  • 4 rail-road hubs at Douala, Yaoundé, Bélabo, Ngaoundéré
  • Offices: Douala, Yaoundé, Bélabo, Ngaoundéré, Edea, Mbanga, Eséka, Kumba

Road freight

  • Door-to-door road delivery
  • Deliveries throughout Cameroon and to the hinterland countries via our corridors
  • Own truck fleet and agreements with local hauliers
  • GPS freight tracking
  • Rail services
  • Lift-on/lift-off equipment
  • River transport, storage and warehousing

Travel agency

Logistics and tailored solutions for specific industrial sectors

  • Oil & gas: logistics base
  • Mining: consignment consolidation, forwarding, on-site support services, door-to-door logistics, on-site materials management
  • Timber yard (SEPBC): in-port storage and delivery of timber to ships

Warehousing services

  • Over 300,000 m² of yards and warehouses
  • A wide range of logistics services, from the storage of general merchandise to leading-edge solutions for the supply chain
  • Q-HSE management
  • Advanced receiving and inspection processes
  • Secured warehouses

Our network

Contact us

Bolloré Africa Logistics in Cameroon:

Vallée Tokoto - Zone des Professions Maritimes
BP: 4057
Tel: (+237) 233 50 02 33
Fax: (+237) 233 50 02 32

Gare centrale de Bessengué
BP 766
Tel: (+237) 233 50 26 00
Fax: (+237) 233 50 26 04


Zone des Professions Maritimes
BP: 215
Tel: (+237) 233 50 12 46

CAMRAIL, SOCOPAO and AFRITRAMP are brands of Bolloré Africa Logistics.

Our references

Our customers are leaders in their sectors: mining, oil and gas, telecommunications, health, humanitarian aid, agriculture and food, and consumer goods.

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